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I've been living by mine most of my life.

Giving them the cadence of an anthem, the rhythm of a tone poem, the bugle blast of a call to arms.


used to shock, shout, amuse, puzzle, create a mood, demand attention, pay homage, heap scorn, invoke a time and place, burst on a scene,  leave a stage.

Words can also be used to sell things. Thankfully. Otherwise we'd all have to master pantomime or carry a Colt Ordertaker as our primary sales tool.


mine have peddled everything from vertical market ruggedized computers to motorcycles, from broadcast-media analytics to consumer electronics, from search-engine optimization solutions to real-estate investments, from tattoos to tabloids.

I've sold words to Fortune 100 Goliaths like Panasonic, mom-and-pop non-starters like, and to companies of all sizes, shapes and cultures in between. Delivering on time and virtually always (mostly) keeping the customer satisfied.

(I've been scribbling for various Panasonic North America divisions continuously for almost eight years, Creative Net Ventures for more than four, and SQAD, Inc. for close to three.)


the best editor I ever had told me to always write conversationally. As if I were passionately trying to convince a few friends to go or do or be.

So that's how I always try to write. Except sometimes. On corporate white papers, for example, when I strive to do the opposite.


at the moment, I'm trying to sell you some.



And, most of all, passionately.